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How It Works

The former PRAISE e-Auction is getting a facelift. We are excited to bring you PRAISE Deals! No more bidding – no more waiting. Now you can buy a deal right when it goes live! Incredible savings on stuff you want in categories like travel, restaurants, home improvement, fun things to do, and more!

How do PRAISE Deals Work?

New items are added and ready for you to buy immediately. Items will be offered on a first come, first-serve basis, and only limited amounts of each item will be available. Be sure to register and sign up for our newsletter so you can find out when new items are added.

After buying a deal, you will receive your gift certificate either as a print on demand email voucher, or in the mail, depending on the merchant. Some items may be available for pickup at the station. Please read each deal's restrictions carefully to make sure you can use the item before purchasing. Each item will have individual restrictions noted.

Business owners!

If you have a local product or service you would like to offer in our PRAISE Deals program, contact us at sales@praise1065.com.  We'd love to talk with you!


Q. I want to use my certificate tonight, can I?
A. If you have a print on demand certificate you can use it immediately.

Q. How long will it take to get the certificate in the mail?
A. It takes 7 - 10 days for any mailed certificates.

Q. I didn't receive my certificate. What do I do?
A. Call NeoFill Fulfillment Center at 866.311.9806 to inquire. If you are expecting a print on demand certificate don't forget to check your spam folder. Do not place another order.

Q. I received multiple e-mail confirmations and confirmation numbers. What does that mean?
A. For each order, you will receive a confirmation number.

Q. I am unable to print because my printer isn't working. What do I do?
A. You can email ondemand@neofill.com. Please do not reorder your deal voucher.

Customer Support:

Neofill is the credit card processor and vouchers distributor- please contact the friendly staff at Neofill with any customer support questions you may have Toll Free at 1-866-311-9806.

Neofill (Northeastern Ohio Fulfillment Center)
650 S. Prospect Ave.
Hartville, Ohio 44632

For questions regarding payment information or setting up your auction account, please contact Neofill at 866-311-9806 or visit Neofill customer service website, click here.

For all items, payment is made online at this website with your credit card. Your payment is to Neofill, which is responsible for collecting payments on purchased items on behalf of PRAISE 106.5 and the companies sponsoring the deal items. Neofill is a national company partnering with radio stations, TV stations and newspapers around the country. Neofill uses SSL (secure socket layer) to protect all customer purchases and does not store any credit card information in their systems. Your payment is due immediately. As soon as your payment has been processed you will receive a certificate by mail to redeem at the business sponsoring the item.

CRISTA Media and/or Neofill undertakes no liability or responsibility, and makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the performance of the items being sold, for any failure to perform or negligent performance of any service provider, or for any other risk, incident or damage, direct or indirect, relating to or arising out of the deals, including (but not limited to) cancellations, postponements, delays or other scheduling changes; missed events or connections or inability of the purchaser to attend or claim item; and accident, injury, death, damage or expense arising from or occurring during the use of the item, or travel to/from or attendance at any event relating to the deal or the item, by the purchaser and his/her guest(s). All purchases are voluntary and in the sole discretion of the purchaser.